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Gerard's Wacom Hangout  
17 July 2014 @ 09:42 am
Second Half of Gerard's Interview with Kerrang  
Go here. Transcript below the scans.
28 June 2014 @ 04:47 pm
Interview with Gerard on CBR  
Albert Ching

Gerard Way is no comic book dilettante. Already internationally famous as the lead singer of My Chemical Romance when his series "The Umbrella Academy" debuted from Dark Horse Comics in 2007, Way has continued to work in the medium, most recently 2013's "The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys."

Now, Way is embracing another comic book writer rite of passage -- writing Spider-Man. Well, sort of. He's writing "Edge of Spider-Verse" #5, introducing a new Spider-character named Peni Parker, a teenage girl of Japanese heritage who co-pilots a machine called "SP//dr." The issue is scheduled for release in October, and is illustrated by Jake Wyatt -- last seen at Marvel on last fall's "Incredible Hulk Special," and described by Way as "perfect" for what the writer had planned for the story.

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16 June 2014 @ 12:11 pm
Blog Post(s): Gerard  
PHOTO - 06/15/2014 - Untitled, 2012

photo )

PHOTO - 06/15/2014 - Concepts, 2011-2012

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TEXT - 06/16/2014 - World-Building

Almost every project I undertake requires a fair amount of world-building. This starts by gathering reference, mainly images that capture a specific energy or design- inspiring in some way. Then, from time to time, I scroll through them, usually fixating on what I like best, and then store it in my brain, never really looking back at them.

My brain becomes this soup that’s just a mash of inaccurately recalled images.
What has worked for me, over the years, is the theory that something is always different, or better for your project in your head. I sometimes apply this to writing music- I don’t listen to a song I love for inspiration- I recall it in my head, focus on the energy of it, the memory. The longer it has been since I last listened to it- the better.

This kind of imprecise storage can go on for months or even years. When the project needs decisions made- I think about the images, and I sketch. A lot of times it does come out of pure inspiration or “thin air”, but I can assure you that even “thin air” comes from something, some kind of experience or image from life that your brain captured, something overheard at a bar that you never forgot- pieces.

The newest (non-music related) project I’m working on requires so much design that I have started to create collages using a simple program, which organizes the best of the best onto pages, which I can then reference when needed, or even better- share with whomever my partners become. The project I’m working on is so detailed that I need to know what they eat, how they get it, and what they eat it with, what kind of cola they drink, pop-stars, periods of architecture- just a hyper-detailed world. Not all projects are like this- it is important for this particular project.

Before I go to hard-design, I make detailed lists of what I need to create.
This is a little snippet of what the pages look like-

photo )

I don’t know how other people do it, but this is how I’ve done it for years.
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Blog Post: Gerard  

Click through to visit his new website.

I am beyond thrilled to finally have a place to share everything I make.

I imagine you’ll see/hear everything from blog posts to images, art, drawings, music, big projects and small projects, looks into things, under things, behind things, and in front of them. This will also be the place to come for news on anything related to my ride into the next part of my life. I’d rather just start moving so I’d like to say thank you for stopping by, check me out on twitter @gerardway and please follow my friend, traveling companion, and news-broadcaster Lola on twitter, @lolaplusg for updates and info.

Oh, this is probably the best place to announce it so-

I am continuing full-steam into comics, art, and more importantly to some of you- music. I am pleased to let you know I am now signed as a solo artist Warner Bros Records. My album is near completion, and you should expect to hear things in the near future, even today actually- with a brief snippet of what is to come. I am excited. It’s starting again-