20 September 2013 @ 09:48 am
Blog Post: Frank  
9.14.13 R.A.T.F.E. @ RIOT FEST

hey everybody,
i know it's been almost a month since i have posted here...
what the fuhk is my problem, right?!?!
well things have been incredibly hectic these past few weeks and i promise as soon as i get back home we will return to our regularly scheduled programming...but until then i just wanted to drop you all a line to say thank you to everyone who showed up to the record bar in kc last night for the 'lethal weapon 2' show, we had a total blast! and if you happen to be attending riot fest in chicago tomorrow (sunday sept 15th) head on over to the rise stage at 1pm where i will be taking over bass guitar duties for my good friends reggie and the full effect. see you at the show! xofrnk

Mod Note: Sorry for the delay on this; my laptop cord died.