12 September 2012 @ 09:21 pm
New Interview With Mikey  
Collaborating with Fender and Squier to design his signature Mustang, Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance envisioned finding the bass of his dreams. Sporting a powerful humbucker pickup, a sweet silver flake finish, and a comfortable short-scale neck, the Squier Mikey Way Mustang Bass is exactly that. We talked to Mikey about building his dream bass, his favorite MCR song, the Caped Crusader, and more.

interview behind cut )

[SOURCE] - Visit the source to enter to win one of Mikey's custom basses.
18 July 2012 @ 12:41 pm
Win a Mikey Way signature Squier Bass Guitar!  

video embed behind cut )

Squier Guitars and Alternative Press have teamed up to give you a chance to win a Signature Mikey Way Squier Mustang Bass!

One very lucky winner will receive a Signature Squier Mikey Way Mustang Bass, Designed with Mikey Way's input featuring a classic Mustang body with a shimmering large-flake Silver Sparkle finish, Black racing stripes, black hardware and a black headstock with Way's signature on the back!

Click Here To Enter
08 May 2012 @ 10:03 pm
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Fender Contest
Tuesday May 8, 2012 | Posted by: MCR

Fender is giving fans a chance to win Mikey’s Fender Squire bass! Enter on Fender.com.
07 March 2012 @ 07:26 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
MCR Vinyl Giveaway On Because Sound Matters
Wednesday March 7, 2012 | Posted by: MCR

Because Sound Matters is giving fans the opportunity to win a My Chem prize pack that includes Danger Days on vinyl with a signed booklet and a Black Parade Deluxe Edition Vinyl with signed booklet. Contest ends 3/16.

Enter now at Because Sound Matters' Facebook Page
17 January 2012 @ 10:24 pm
blog Post: MCR  
Epiphone Phant-o-matic Contest Winner
Tuesday January 17, 2012 | Posted by: MCR

Thank you to everyone that shared their favourite memories of Danger Days. We received over 3,000 entries! Congrats to PuresaPoison who will receive a Epiphone Phant-o-matic guitar designed by Frank and signed by MCR. Read their favourite memory below:

I'm going to keep this short for you, I'm guessing you'll have to go through hundreds of stories, and I really don't want you to waste a lot of time.
I don't have this grandious story, but it's beautiful to me.
So I don't see my dad very often, so when I do, I make the most of it.
My dad was driving me home from school, radio on low and sun falling behind the rolling mountains.
I begin to hear the first notes to The Kids From Yesterday. Me being the weirdo I am dive towards the nob and begin to blast the song.
Singing and dancing in my seat.
My dad looks over to me and smiles.
It was one of those small smiles. The ones where you feel so greatfull to have something you love there with you.
So he smiles and turns up the volume even more. He chimes in with me, which totally throws me off.
He looks over to me again and smirks. For some reason, he knew why I was confused.
"You play this song on your bass all the time," He laughs and starts to harmonize with Gerard's voice.
I grin and roll down the windows.
We speed off into the sunset. Just us two, no one there to spoil it. And now whenever I hear that song, I think of him, and what he might be doing. And when I ride down that street, I have to sing that song.
My dad is a kid from yesterday.
On day I'll be too.
We'll live forever in the lights we make because we are the kids from yesterday
Cheesy I know, but true.
Thank you so much, from me and my dad. -PuresaPoison
12 January 2012 @ 12:53 pm
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Win A Chance To See MCR Side Stage In Australia
Thursday January 12, 2012 | Posted by: MCR

For your chance to watch My Chemical Romance from the side of the stage in your Australian city, tell us in 25 words or less tell us what character you would create for yourself if you were a part of the Fabulous Killjoys, and Why!

One winner and an accompanying guest will be chosen to watch via side stage for an Australia show in their city. Limit one entry per person. Contest ends January 19, 2012 at 9am PST. Winner and guest must be aged 15+ and provide their own transportation to the show.

To submit your entry, go to My Chemical Romance's Facebook Page and leave a comment on the contest post.

MCR will be playing Big Day Out and additional headlining shows. Visit the Tour Page for all the information.
21 December 2011 @ 08:25 pm
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Win a meet & greet with My Chem at Big Day Out Auckland
Wednesday December 21, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

CoupedeMainMagazine.com is offering My Chem fans in New Zealand a chance to win a meet and greet for them and a friend at Big Day Out Auckland. All you have to do is create an original Killjoys comic strip.

Enter here.
16 December 2011 @ 06:38 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
Win an Epiphone Phant-o-matic Designed By Frank & Signed By MCR
Friday December 16, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Chem fan- a Wilshire Phant-o-matic Epiphone guitar designed by Frank. Learn more about the guitar on Epiphone.com. All you have to do is send in your favorite memory associated with Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Here's how to enter:
- Register on MyChemicalRomance.com
- Fill out the form to submit your entry

Some entries may be featured on MyChemicalRomance.com and MCRmy.com!

One fan will be chosen to win the guitar. Limit one entry per person. Contest ends 12/21 at 12 noon PST.

Check out more great info about Frank Iero and his Epiphone Phant-o-matic here Epiphone.com. Don't forget to check out Frank's feature in the current issue of Guitar World Magazine!

Go here for official entry form.
29 November 2011 @ 06:56 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
Killjoy Jacket Design Contest Winners
Tuesday November 29, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Thank you to all the killjoys that submitted entries for the Killjoy Jacket Design Contest! There were hundreds of submissions and the quality of the entries and the amount of effort everyone put into the designs was overwhelming. Here are the winners: )
19 October 2011 @ 04:48 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
Halloween Contest: Design Your Own Killjoy Jacket
Wednesday October 19, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Look alive Killjoys! We saw your petition for a replica Killjoy Jacket and we’ve decided to run a contest to celebrate Halloween. Design your own Killjoy jacket (make one, draw it, or use your photoshop skills) for a chance to win one of the official Danger Days Jackets (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul).

Grand Prize:
1 winner will receive an official Danger Days jacket of their choice (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul) AND a “Welcome to Boo-tiful Newark, NJ”Halloween shirt.

Runner Ups:
2 runner- ups will receive an official Danger Days jacket of their choice (Jet Star, Kobra Kid, or Fun Ghoul)

Here’s how to enter:
- Register for MyChemicalRomance.com
- Take photos or submit images of your entry
- Fill out this form to submit your entry

The deadline to enter is October 31, 2011 at 6pm PST. Winners and their submissions will be announced on mychemicalromance.com.

Good luck and can’t wait to see your work!

Official Rules and Regulations
07 October 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
I First Heard Contest With My Chemical Romance
Friday October 7, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

AbsolutePunk.net is running a contest to see how you discovered MCR. Submit a video sharing the moment you first heard My Chem or became a fan for a chance to win a Tokyo Flash Watch.
Enter the contest
05 August 2011 @ 01:19 pm
MCR On Jimmy Fallon Band Bench Sweepstakes
Friday August 5, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Attention all fans of My Chemical Romance:

On August 8th, 2011 My Chemical Romance will be performing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here is where you come in…

How would you like a chance to be close to My Chemical Romance’s performance on the show?

Click on the link below and you will be directed to our “Band Bench” Sweepstakes entry form. Enter for a chance to win seats on our band benches and an opportunity to surround the stage during My Chemical Romance’s performance.

Please make sure you include the following band code: ROM, in your entry form.

To enter, go to: http://fallonbandbench.com
28 July 2011 @ 11:30 pm
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My Chemical Romance Honda Civic Tour Fan Bloggers
Thursday July 28, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

My Chemical Romance is giving fans a chance to win a pair of tickets to see MCR on the Honda Civic Tour and a photo pass to access the photo pit! To enter, go to the tour reporter contest at Buzznet.com and submit a blog post, which can include photos and videos, telling us why you should be chosen as the MCR tour blogger for your city!

If you win, all you have to do is take photos of the band performing and write a review about the show. Your review and photos may be posted on MyChemicalRomance.com, Buzznet.com, and MCRmy.com. One road reporter and their guest will be chosen for each show and contacted via phone or email to let them know they are selected.

Enter the MCR Tour Blogger Contest
23 June 2011 @ 04:05 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
Coke Sound Up Contest
Thursday June 23, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Enter the Coke Sound Up Contest for a chance to win a VIP trip for two to MCR’s next show in Stuttgart, Germany on July 2nd. To enter, take part in the “My interview” and send in a video- clip with your questions for My Chemical Romance to: myinterview@zfk-berlin.com. The best questions will be answered by MCR via video! For official contest rules visit The Coke Sound Up Website
21 June 2011 @ 05:22 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
My Chemical Romance Custom CBR250R For Honda Civic Tour
Tuesday June 21, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

My Chemical Romance has designed a custom Honda CBR250R Sport Bike to celebrate their stint co- headlining the Honda Civic Tour with blink-182. Enter for your chance to win the bike on the Civic Tour website

photos behind cut (+2) )
09 June 2011 @ 01:27 pm
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“Planetary (GO!)” Remix Competition Winners
Thursday June 9, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

The winner of the“Planetary (GO!)” Remix Completion for a chance to win a pair of tickets to Reading or Leeds festival has been chosen. Listen to the winning remix along with two runner ups below.
winners and embeds behind the cut )

Thank you to everyone that participated and submitted their remixes!
09 May 2011 @ 06:50 pm
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Text To Win A Set of MCR Jackets
Monday May 9, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Going to an MCR show? Stop by the merch booth and grab a postcard featuring the Danger Days Jackets on the front. The postcard features instructions on how to enter to win a set of 4 custom band jackets designed from the world of Danger Days.
25 April 2011 @ 06:00 pm
Blog Post: MCR  
My Chemical Romance “Planetary (GO!)” Remix Competition
Monday April 25, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

Have you entered the Planetary (GO!) remix contest yet? Go to the dropbox.

In addition to winning a pair of tickets to see MCR at Reading or Leeds Festival, the winner will also receive a years pro plus Soundcloud account worth £500. The two runner ups will win a years soundcloud lite account worth £29. The prize does not include transport to or from the festival. Entrants must be over 16 years old. If the winner chosen is under 18 years old, the winner must be accompanied by an adult who must use the second ticket.

Competition closing date is May 27, 2011. Online editor's decision is final.
15 April 2011 @ 10:42 am
Blog Post: MCR  
My Chemical Romance "Planetary (GO!)" Remix Competition
Friday April 15, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

This is your chance to win a pair of tickets to Reading or Leeds festival to see My Chemical Romance headline the main stage!

Simply go to the MCR soundcloud channel here, download the stems of the latest single "Planetary (GO!)" and create your own remixed version of the song.

When you have completed your remix simply drop it in the dropbox here.

One (1) entrant will be selected to win two (2) tickets to Reading or Leeds Festival (whichever is closer to the winner). The prize does not include transport to or from the festival. Entrants must be over 16 years old. If the winner chosen is under 18 years old, the winner must be accompanied by an adult who must use the second ticket.
Competition closing date is May 27, 2011.Online editor's decision is final.
Please see standard WMG terms at http://www.wminewmedia.com/t&c/.

Good luck!
31 March 2011 @ 01:42 pm
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My Chemical Romance and Neon Trees Contest
Thursday March 31, 2011 | Posted by: MCR

MCR and Neon Trees are giving away a pair of free tickets and a t-shirt of your choice on selected tour dates. Enter now