08 August 2014 @ 11:10 pm
Gerard Way makes surprise live solo debut at Warner Bros. Summer Sessions  
Former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way made a surprise appearance at Warner Bros. headquarters in Burbank for their the final installment of their Summer Sessions concert series today.

Read the rest and see pictures from the event here.
17 July 2014 @ 09:42 am
Second Half of Gerard's Interview with Kerrang  
Go here. Transcript below the scans.
30 May 2013 @ 01:31 pm
New Gerard Interview  
My Chemical Romance Alums Join Forces With 'Aquabats!'
9:00 AM PDT 5/30/2013 by Kimberly Nordyke

The Aquabats! Super Show! gets some real-life rock infusion in its upcoming second season.

Hub Network's live-action kids series -- which centers on a crime-fighting rock band on a never-ending quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom and seek justice for all -- will feature a forthcoming episode that was co-written and co-directed by former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

The collaboration with Aquabats! creator/executive producer/star Christian Jacobs came about after MCR -- which announced its split in March -- appeared in another Jacobs-created series, Nickelodeon's Yo Gabba Gabba, in December 2011. Way and Jacobs kept in touch and decided to partner up again for an episode of his newest show, which is based on the real-life rock band that Jacobs (aka "The M.C. Bat Commander") co-founded in 1994 with fellow Aquabat Chad Larson (aka "Crash McLarson"). (Incidentally, the series just received a Daytime Emmy nomination for outstanding children's series.)

Their episode -- which is titled "Anti-bats!" and airs June 29 -- finds two competing bands who are seeking revenge on The Aquabats! uniting with evil Silver Skull to become the Anti-bats! Way's brother and former MCR bandmate, bass player Mikey Way, guest-stars as one of the Anti-bats!

Ahead of the show's season two premiere, Way and Jacobs talked to The Hollywood Reporter about their upcoming episode, their working relationship and what's next.

interview )

22 May 2013 @ 02:57 pm
Gerard article on his Aquabats episode and what he's currently working on  
My Chemical Romance Vocalist Gerard Way Co-Writes Episode for Kids’ TV Series ‘The Aquabats! Super Show!’; Continues to Work on New Music
By Jon Wiederhorn

The rock 'n' roll kiddie TV series "The Aquabats! Super Show!" is about to rock harder than ever. For the debut of the second season, executive producer Christian Jacobs ("Yo Gabba Gabba!") hired My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way to co-direct and help bring a new element to the music.

article )

02 May 2013 @ 03:47 pm
USA Today Article Part Two  
Rocker weighs balance of comics, music and fatherhood
by Brian Truitt, USA TODAY Published: 05/02/2013 04:20pm

With a new series on the way, Gerard Way talks musical legacy and being a good dad.article )

02 May 2013 @ 11:07 am
USA Today Article About Killjoys  
Gerard Way hits the right notes for 'Fabulous Killjoys'
Brian Truitt, USA TODAY5:26 p.m. EDT May 1, 2013

The former My Chemical Romance singer gives a preview of his new series for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday.

It's finally time for the Killjoys to make some noise.article )

[SOURCE] - Visit source for a preview of the comic.
26 September 2012 @ 12:01 am
AP Interview with deadmau5 and Gerard  
Early last year, electronic dance music fulcrum DEADMAU5 and My Chemical Romance frontman GERARD WAY teamed up to record "Professional Griefers," one of 2012's best singles. While both men built their formidable reputations coming up through different cultures, these days, they'd rather pile tons of rulebooks on top of said communities, pour gasoline on them and watch them burn.


scans )

interview behind cut )

[SOURCE: SCANS from the November 2012 issue of AP]
25 July 2012 @ 10:42 pm
Kerrang! Article  
Chemical Reactions
Ten years ago, My Chemical Romance were just "a bunch of dorks" from New Jersey. Then they made debut album I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love and set off on the path to superstardom. Tom Bryant revisits the start of the romance...

Article Scans )

Transcript )

[From the 24 July 2012 issue of Kerrang!. Scan source.]

Please thank [personal profile] alpheratz for transcribing this for us as I woke up with some manner of repetitive stress injury and it hurt to type.
06 July 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Exclusive: My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way To Moderate SDCC 'Aquabats' Panel  
MTV Geek has learned exclusively that "My Chemical Romance" lead vocalist Gerard Way will be moderating "The Aquabats! Super Show!" panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con for The Hub TV Network. Way is no stranger to comic books, having created and authored the Eisner-winning "Umbrella Academy" graphic novel series from Dark Horse (and recently optioned by Universal).

The panel info is as follows:
Friday, July 13, “The Aquabats! Super Show!”Inside the BattleTram (8:00 p.m., Room 7AB)
The band of five heroes out to save the world from boredom - Ricky Fitness, Jimmy the Robot, Crash McLarson, EagleBones Falconhawk, and The M.C. Bat Commander - plan to arrive at the 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego ready for battle. Fans can anticipate a special guest moderator and meet the stars of The Hub TV Network’s new hit series. The legions of Aquabats fans will have a gnarly time with the awesomest super hero, rock music band ever to hit San Diego!

People hungry for more "Aquabats" at SDCC can also check them out the House of Blues on Saturday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. PT. The all-ages concern will blend live-action comedic sketches with animation segments sprinkled throughout, and tickets can be purchased in advance directly through the House of Blues at: http://www.houseofblues.com/tickets/eventdetail.php?eventid=74487

So whether you are a "My Chemical Romance," Gerard Way, or "Aquabats" fan (or all three!) this is the panel for you!

[MTV Geek]
21 March 2012 @ 10:54 am
Short article about Danger Days and new material  
How to follow The Black Parade
Neala Johnson | March 21, 2012 6:30pm

DESPITE My Chemical Romance's fourth album falling flat in comparison to their hit album The Black Parade, the band have vowed that they'll only come back stronger.


... But My Chemical Romance's follow-up album Danger Days fell sharply off the priority list. "I don't think anybody made a misstep," the US group's frontman Gerard Way says. "Not only did whatever happened positively or negatively sales-wise not affect the band, it didn't affect the world's perception of the band as artists."


Danger Days housed several shoulda-been hits that would have been huge were a different band's name on the cover. "If it had just been some random indie pop act that put out Sing, it would have been a massive tune," Gerard says. "We have an awesome bubble; sometimes that bubble is a barrier to getting things out there."


After spending summer on the Big Day Out, My Chem headed home to start album No.5 in their new studio. Bassist Mikey Way says he doesn't know what it will sound like, but it will wrong-foot unbelievers again. "People had formulated ideas about our band just based on seeing a kid in one of our T-shirts - and they were wrong."


Sales rise and fall, but My Chemical Romance are survivors, says Gerard: "It's like building a better cockroach. There is s--- that's way bigger than us right now that's gonna be gone in two years and we're gonna be in the studio making an album. That's f---in' awesome."

HEAR Danger Days (Warner) out now
10 February 2012 @ 12:17 pm
Gerard Interview with Kerrang!  
I'm Not G'Day (I Promise)
By Rod Yates

When K! ran into Gerard Way at Australia's Big Day OUt, we couldn't let him get away without asking about the new My Chemical Romance album. The coy devil didn't half keep Rod Yates guessing about how it'll sound, mind…

Gerard Way bounds into a mobile cabin backstage at the Sydney Big Day Out like a man on a mission. Which, given that My Chemical Romance are due onstage in 45 minutes, he is. Looking lean and talking fast, dressed head-to-toe in black and with his eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, today he deals in short, sharp answers — but then there are warm-ups to do, and the clock is ticking. This current run of Big Day Out shows represents the end of the touring cycle behind 2010's Danger Days… album — the perfect time, then, to catch up on what's next…

interview )

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08 February 2012 @ 07:28 am
Gerard Blurb  
Gerard Way: I'll never leave MCR
8 Feb 2012 // by: newsdesk

Gerard Way can 'never leave or escape' My Chemical Romance.

The musician is the lead vocalist and co-founder of the alternative rock band from New Jersey. The group are currently in the process of writing material for a new album following the success of their fourth studio record, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Gerard says My Chemical Romance are more motivated than ever.

'Fantastic,' he exclaimed when asked to sum up the feeling in the group.

'Going on ten years now we love being in the band. It's something you can never leave or escape or get away from, and that's a great thing.'

Gerard has enjoyed penning ideas for tracks while touring. The star has felt more creative as he's learnt to cope with stress better.

'The cool thing is we've spent a lot of time writing new material on the road this time. We didn't do that before Danger Days...' he said.

'I think [it's down to] just not being burnt out. Really enjoying and reconnecting with making music again, just being inspired, whereas after [third album] Black Parade we weren't inspired to do much at all besides disappear.'

08 December 2011 @ 04:09 pm
Interview With Gerard  

Danger Days didn’t just provide My Chemical Romance with an opportunity to break free from The Black Parade’s heavy rules and restrictions. The freedom the quartet experienced throughout the creative process gave them space to not only reflect on their career, but also gain important insight into fundamental decisions they made along the way.

article )

21 April 2011 @ 03:35 pm
Q&A: My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way on Vampires, Glee, And Liza Minnelli  
My Chemical Romance's fearless leader talks about mocking his own concept albums and rebelling vicariously through his hair.

What are your favorite post-apocalyptic movies?

Night of the Comet, Mad Max obviously--I actually prefer the first one. A Boy and His Dog. I think those are like the three main classics.

You've said the new album's "Look Alive, Sunshine" intro was inspired by A Clockwork Orange, but it also reminded me of Vanishing Point, have you seen it? It's a 1971 car-chase flick with a guy on the radio sending messages to the driver so he can escape the police.

Yes! Vanishing Point and The Warriors were two very big reference points for the album. I definitely wanted it to feel like there was this DJ out there like, inspiring these lunatics to drive around. And I also wanted it to feel a little bit like The Warriors as well. But yeah, I love both of those movies.

Read more... )

06 April 2011 @ 11:26 pm
Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance | Interview  
How superheroes and Duran Duran kept Gerard Way from an early grave. “I’m not injuring myself. There’s no death wish anymore.”

Gerard Way is older than he seems. He has boyish looks and hair dyed as red as horror-movie blood. The New Jersey native fronts punk band My Chemical Romance. He created a successful comic-book franchise, the Umbrella Academy. In the videos promoting his band’s latest, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, MCR sports superhero alter egos and ray guns. Surprisingly, Way turns 34 on Saturday 9. He has settled in L.A. with wife Lindsey and their two-year-old daughter, Bandit. It’s a remarkable lifestyle change for someone who says he once subscribed to the notion of “live fast, die young.”

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28 January 2011 @ 10:54 am
My Chemical Romance shows softer side  

My Chemical Romance is a band whose appearance has been critiqued almost as often as their music.

With each album comes a different aesthetic style, from black suits to marching band uniforms. The group’s latest release, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, features band members in outfits as colorful as the bold new album.

The group’s theatrics and wardrobe changes make them an easy target for sneering critics, but behind all of the gloom and the glam are four passionate individuals who genuinely care about music, art and their fans.

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