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to the tune of your death

and it's better off this way

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Name:To The Tune
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Community description:My Chemical Romance
Welcome to To The Tune, an unofficial newsletter for everything My Chemical Romance.

[community profile] tothetune posts news, articles, blogs updates, video, audio, photos, twitters, and all sorts of information about MCR and its members. For more discussion, check out [community profile] tothetune's sister comm, [info]mcr_unofficial!

Comments: Please keep comments civil! No flaming/wanking/offensive content. Please note that [community profile] tothetune is a pro-girlfriend, pro-wife community, and flaming them will not be tolerated.

Membership: Membership is auto-approved from journals who have been created more than a month before the time of joining. If your journal is new but you still want to become a member and get access to Friends-locked content, drop an email with your username here.

Content: If you have any post suggestions, please share! Just leave a comment or send an email here.

Contact Information: If you need to get in touch, send a private message at [personal profile] ofyourdeath, leave a comment here, or email here.

Disclaimer: Not in any way affiliated with the band, its respective members, or Warner Bros.

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