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September 28, 2014

Got to do something really incredible yesterday. Was at Container Park in Las Vegas for the Karaoke For The Kure event run by the fine people at Because Of Ezra, an incredible charity organization who's goal is to cure childhood cancer. Kyle and Robyn Matthews shared the heartbreaking story of their son Ezra, who lost the battle to cancer at the age of 2. Earlier that same year, they lost another child due to complications in a premature birth. The loss of a child is hard to contemplate, but losing two in one year? Unfathomable. And yet Kyle and Robin have found a way to continue on, and turn what could (and rightly should) have been an experience that stops you from ever wanting to wake up, into a battle with the formidable monster called cancer.

And how do they fight?

With positive energy. With song and dance. With love.

Each year they organize this event around Ezra's birthday. To laugh and sing. To let the joy of music fill their hearts as it did Ezra's until his last days. And to celebrate the will to fight in the countless children that have been diagnosed with this horrible disease.

Truly inspiring, and an experience I won't soon forget.