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Blog Post: Ray

September 11, 2014

Spending some time with the family up in Northern California. Really beautiful here. Love the trees.

Getting a bit of work done as well. Took me a while, but I finally got a handle on my new string samples. On a good recommendation, I went with Audiobro's LA Scoring Strings. There are a ton of features that I still haven't fully grasped yet, but the default settings were set up in a way to get me composing quickly. The sounds are impressive, much better than the Logic strings I was using before. I would love to get a real string section to record, but that ends up getting really expensive, so this is the next best thing.

As I was working, I constantly found myself in awe of the classic composers, creating grand symphonies with nothing but quill, paper, and an unending imagination. To have been able to hear the end result in their minds before a note had actually been played is astounding to me. Today, we can poke at MIDI staves and hear in an instant how the parts stack up, and if something isn't right, a few clicks here and a time stretch there will have each section singing in harmony.

Boy, do we have it lucky these days...