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New Shirt, New Project

Something I wanted to do this album was to invite some of my favorite and most personally influencial comic artists to create shirts and posters. Well the first one is complete!

Gilbert Hernandez, one part of the legendary family that created Love And Rockets was kind enough to agree to being a part of this project with me.

My first exposure to Love And Rockets was through my best friend in elementary school, Anthony. His sister, Sharon was a drummer and a photographer, and she went to SVA in New York (years later, she would help me get into SVA by photographing my portfolio). I looked up to her tremendously.

She knew Anthony and I were really into comics- his favorites were Wolverine and Iron Man, I was a general X-Men fan, but my favorite was Longshot. But Sharon introduced us to Underground or Indie comics, and the one that had the most impact was Love And Rockets. I remember asking, “What’s it about? Do they have powers?” and she told me no not really, it’s about life, and music, and what happens to these friends. It took me a minute to fully grasp the concept of a comic book that didn’t involve super powers, but once I did I was hooked on all of it, and found out about some really cool music too.

So this is a big honor for me to be able to have Gilbert make the art. And I also get to color the poster! Hopefully that part comes out good and we can stick to it- I’m still learning the digital color thing. But the idea is to have the shirts and posters available online as well as on tour. I wanted to do one of these posters per tour, and sold at the shows. So I think when we look back in a year there will have been some very cool art along the way.

Here is a look at the mockup

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